de sanctis

EN : Iacobus de Voragine, Sermon IV for the feast of Saint Bartholomew

Translated by George Ferzoco

‘Skin for skin, and all that a man has he will give for his life.’

According to the Gloss, skin is given for skin, because often when a blow is directed toward an eye, we put our hand to it, so as to be hurt in the hand rather than the eye, as if it were said : Job resisted exteriorly many blows, because he preferred not to be struck interiorly.

One must also note that there are four types of skin : of nature, of blame, of grace, and of glory.

HR : Jakov iz Varazzea, Propovijed IV. o sv. Bartolomeju

S latinskoga preveo: Stjepan Krasi? O.P.

Kožu za kožu, i sve što ?ovjek ima, dat ?e za svoju dušu.

IT : Iacopo da Varazze, sermo IV de sancto Bartholomeo

Traduzione a cura di Eleonora LOMBARDO

Pelle per pelle! L’ uomo dà tutto quel che possiede per la sua anima. (Gb. II, 4)

FR : Jacques de Voragine, sermon IV sur saint Barthélemy

Traduction de Nicole BÉRIOU

La peau pour la peau, et tout ce qu’a l’homme il le donnera pour son âme. (Job 2, 4)


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